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Big Size Fashion Store
Big Size Fashion Store
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Name:Mrs. suryani widodo [Owner/Entrepreneur]
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Y!: suryaniwidodo Y!: suryaniwidodo
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mrs. suryani widodo at jakarta utara
Phone Number:Phone number of Mrs. suryani widodo at jakarta utara
Address:kelapa gading
jakarta utara 14240, Jakarta
suryaniwidodo@ yahoo.com
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Registration Date:Oct. 14, 2008
Last Updated:Nov. 09, 2009
Business Nature:Trade of Apparel & Fashion category

Company Brief

Selling big size fashion for plus size women.
Size starts from 2L to 8L.
Variety products : blouses, shirts, moslem blouses, batik blouses, jeans, leggings, cardigans, boleros, big size sandals, etc.
Special price available on retail or wholesale orders.
Visit : / / www.bigsizefashionstore.blogspot.com or / / www.bigsizefashionstore.multiply.com

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